About us

Red Lines is a family owned and run business with roots back in late 19th century when the grand-grand father of today’s owners started a customs clearance business in Piraeus. This business was passed on from generation to generation and in the early 1970’s the first international transport company was created with owned trucks providing exclusively road transport services between Greece and Western Europe. It was among the first truck fleet owning private companies in the country.

The decades that followed enriched our services and our experiences with a large variety of cargo handling operations including -but not limited to-, sea transport, air transport, combined rail-road transport with swap bodies, liquid tank container traffic, bonded and non-bonded storage, physical distribution and full logistic services. In recent years, following customer demand, we have added in parallel to our core cargo transport business other internet-age services : internet sales and social media support on account of third parties.

We pride ourselves for our history, our reputation and our longevity in a most competitive and ever-changing field. We have consolidated our experiences in a flexible company with the 18ability to be efficient and trustworthy.

We aim to be straightforward, working along with our clients and our agents around the world with a personal and friendly approach, without however compromising the professional quality of our business.

Our ambition is to grow constantly by being open, innovative and realistic, and, at the same time, always maintain the feeling of trust and personal service enjoyed by our clients and business partners.